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Is the administration of medical ozone in the body for the treatment of diseases, modulates immune system and oxidative stress. This therapy can be administered IV, by Autohemotherapy or Insufflation (rectal, otic and vaginal) depending on the needs of the patient.

Super charge your blood 

The benefits of Ozonetherapy are:

  • Protects and stimulates of endogenous antioxidant mechanisms

  • Improves defenses of the immune system

  • Increases blood oxygenation

  • Increase flexibility of red blood cells

  • Analgesic & Anti-inflammatory 

  • Stimulate ulcer healing

  • Antiviral, Fungicide, Bactericide

  • Improves glucose metabolism, intervenes in protein metabolism and transforms unsaturated fatty acids into water-soluble compounds

  • Decreases inflammation and improve tissue oxygenation.


A saline loaded with ozone is applied IV and oxygenates the body (brain, liver, kidneys), eliminates toxic substances in the blood, increasing energy, among many other functions.

Ozonized Drip

It consists of reinjecting ozonized blood previously drawn from the needled vein, this helps to increase the immune system.



It is a technique that is performed by slowly passing ozone thin probe a probe, rectal, otic or vaginal. This technique is widely used and recommended because its effect is both local and systemic. Since at this level, ozone is highly absorbed by the intestinal mucose.

Ozone Insufflation


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