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What is Ozone Therapy?


  • Ozone therapy is the administration of medical ozone in the body for the treatment of different diseases.

-Ozone's medical action is derived from its ability to:

Modulates Immune System.

Modulates oxidative stress and inflammation.

Improves tissues oxigenation.

Direct disinfectant and trophic action (useful in wounds).

Although the most common form is by autohemotherapy (a small amount of venous blood from the patient is treated with ozone and re-enters the patient's vein).

The Rectal route is also a valid option in many treatments, particularly in hepatitis.

It is also used in hypobaric treatment (placing the limb in an airtight bag into which ozone is insufflated) in varicose ulcers, diabetics and decubitus ulcers.

-Ozone therapy: What is it?

It is an allotropic form of oxygen (with particular physical properties) that participates in the earth's ecological balance, since it absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, preventing it from reaching the earth's surface directly. It can be said that ozone is oxygen transformed by a contribution of energy. Ozone molecules are composed of three oxygen atoms, as if it were a super-oxygen of chemical formula 03, since the oxygen molecule only contains two (02). Ozone is a strongly oxidizing agent with an oxidation potential only lower than that of fluorine.

-What are its properties?

Protection and stimulation of endogenous antioxidant mechanisms
Improves the defenses of the immune system
Increase in blood oxygenation by activating the release of oxygen in ischemic territories (areas that present arterial circulation problems)
Increased flexibility of red blood cells
Antialgic (pain reliever)
Stimulating ulcer healing
Bactericidal, fungicidal and viral inactivation action that is carried out through the oxidation of microorganisms
Improves glucose metabolism, intervenes in protein metabolism and transforms unsaturated fatty acids into water-soluble compounds

- How is it administered?

Intravenous (IV)
Subcutaneous infiltrations and intramuscular injections
Intradiscal, vertebral and intra-articular infiltrations
Insufflation in natural cavities, rectum, vagina, maxillary sinuses and fistulas

Autohemotherapy is the most important technique due to the speed and intensity of its action. It involves reinjecting ozonated blood previously extracted from the patient in a closed circuit. The small autohemotherapy of blood drawn with a syringe through the vein is ozonated and reinjected intramuscularly.
Ozonated oil for local applications
Ozonated water used in stomatology

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