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Nature's gift to help you heal yourself!!

Fruits and Vegetables are nature’s gift to your body, to heal it, to nurture it, to replenished in a delicious way.

The trick is the combination of different fruit and vegetables to target and treat a specific illness, problem or to boost your metabolism the natural way.

The first step to your juice therapy is to make an assessment to see what the best recipes is to heal you.

Depending on your need or just to drink to be healthy we recommend you have an evaluation with Nery to see the state of your system and recommend you a specific protocol of juice recipes.

If you are already in a treatment with us of Ozone Therapy, Hydrotherapy or Detox. We will give you a specific protocol to mineralize, replenish, cure you, boost your immune system with juices.

We can guide you with different protocols for specific common problems.

  • Renal Cleanse Protocol

  • Liver Cleanse Protocol

  • General Protocol

  • Cell Regeneration Protocol Phase 1

  • Cell Regeneration Protocol 2

  • Cell Regeneration Protocol 3

  • Post COVID Juice Therapy

  • Cellular Oxygenation Juice Therapy

  • Chelating Juice Therapy (metals in the blood detox)

We have a juice bar in our facilities with great juice extractors to maximize with the extraction of all the minerals and nutrients plus we save you the hassle of going to the market. Let our juice experts help you with your therapy by let them buy the best produce, making sure that you have the right juice recipe at the best price and quality.

If you are in a Detox therapy or any other therapy, we can make the juices for you and in case that you are in the area we can deliver them to you for a small fee

We use the extractor Royal Prestige to make all our juices like the video below.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a preventive therapy that helps eliminate toxins, adhesions and hormonal residues that the body takes to discard, helping to improve intestinal transit and activating
the circulatory system.
At the Nery Om clinic, colon hydrotherapy is naturopathic, which is why it is accepted to work with people who have diverticula or hemorrhoids or have chronic constipation without this representing a painful or dangerous therapy, in addition to accompanying it with therapies that activate circulation. thus helping to a good release of toxic adhesions.

Benefits of colon hydrotherapy
• Strengthens the immune system
• Improves metabolism and helps in the absorption of nutrients
• Helps with weight loss by removing toxic buildup
• You can lose between 2 and 4 kilos of waste after the 1st session.
• Pressure on the abdominal organs is relieved, reducing pain and discomfort in this area.
• Increase blood flow from the lower extremities and pelvic region.
• Improves circulation and digestive problems, without the help of prescribed medications.
• Tones the abdomen
• Maximizes the functions of the large intestine, lymph and nervous system
• Eliminates parasites / worms
• It can act as a preventive measure against cancer, especially colon cancer.
• Improves mental clarity and rejuvenation by removing toxic material, which causes premature aging.
• Loss of volume and lightness of weight in thick people and weight gain in thin people due to a better assimilation of nutrients.
• Prevention of infectious diseases by improving the immune system.
• Decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

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