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A Puppy Playpen/Enclosure Provides More Exercise Safely

Bringing a new puppy into your home is an exciting experience. But puppies need special care for a number of months, to keep them safe from hazards and to provide the best conditions for their development. A safe puppy enclosure is a good way to provide more exercise time for your puppy, when you can’t be available for hands-on care. At Arizona Sunrise Shih Tzus and Poos, we offer puppies that have been responsibly bred and practical advice for caring for your new furry friend.

What Makes A Good Puppy Playpen?

A good playpen enclosure should offer enough room to allow the animal to move around freely, roll over and sleep. It should have sufficient room for a water bowl, a bed or blanket for napping and a few toys. The construction should be strong and no sharp edges should be visible that could injure the animal. It should be high enough to prevent jumping over the top edge, and the height you choose will depend on the size of your puppy. Canine playpens are available in metal wire, heavy-duty plastic or fabric and mesh construction. You should consider your puppy’s habits and behavior to determine the right type of playpen. A mesh/fabric playpen won’t hold up with a puppy that chews. Also, consider ease of set-up. Most types fold or dismantle for easy storage. Some types can be time-consuming to set up for use. You can find puppy playpens that are for both indoor and outdoor use.

Keeping Your Puppy Safe in Enclosures

The use of a puppy playpen enclosure can be of great benefit for owners who may not have time to constantly monitor their puppy during the day. It offers more opportunity for the pup to move around more freely than in a crate, yet prevents them from getting into things that might present a hazard for them. . Even so, your puppy should not be left in the enclosure for long periods without supervision. If you are using the playpen outdoors, you might want a model that offers a cover to shade from the sun and possible rain. Provide fresh water if the playpen is used outdoors. You should always check on your puppy frequently during the time it is in the playpen.

Choose Arizona Sunrise Shih Tzus and Poos For Your Shih Tzu Puppy

We take great pride in the care we take to breed healthy, quality Shih Tzu puppies for placement in peoples’ families. Our responsible breeding program and attention to each puppy’s individual personality and needs ensures that you will enjoy your pet for many years. Contact us today to learn more about our breeding program and the best ways to care for your Shih Tzu puppy.

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