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What do IV vitamin drips do?

"When food or supplements are taken orally, they must pass through the gastrointestinal tract where they are absorbed. The food matrix and the presence of other substances in the gut at the same time can influence the extent of the nutrients’ absorption, both positively and negatively," says Hunty.

"As the vitamins and minerals are not completely absorbed by this route, IV drips leads to higher blood levels of these substances than would be achieved by taking them orally."

In short, IV vitamin drips deliver a higher concentration of certain vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream and at a much quicker rate than taking something orally, hence their reputation between the A-lister and jet-set world as a speedy (and pricey) hangover cure.

"Generally intravenously is the more efficient way to administer something," agrees Dr Gravaghi. "It can be different for vitamin C or vitamin D for example, but generally if you take 1g of something orally, about 40-to-60 per cent will get absorbed. Using an IV method will mean 80-to-100 per cent of that 1g will be easily absorbed."

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