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Nery Om Wellness Clinic in Playa del Carmen

Nery OM Wellness Clinic

Disconnect. Breathe. Reconnect

About us

Our mission at Nery Om Wellness Clinic is to offer a wide range of healthy clinical procedures, therapies, and nutrition to help individuals achieve inner balance in both mind and body. Our founder, Nery, has over 20 years of experience in the industry, and has curated a comprehensive collection of services to help you become the best and happiest version of yourself.


Located in the beautiful and exotic Mexican Caribbean in Playa del Carmen, our clinic offers a comfortable, private, and discrete environment that is away from the tourist area, yet just minutes away from downtown and the beach. It is the perfect place to work on yourself while enjoying a wonderful vacation in paradise!


Our friendly staff, some of whom are bilingual, are dedicated professionals in their respective fields. At Nery OM, we are delighted to welcome you and provide a consultation to determine the best treatment for your specific needs.



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Nery Orea Montalvo

Nereida Orea Montalvo

Naturopath and Clinic Director

Nurse Nery Om Wellness


Lariza Viviana Armenta

Yoga Kundalini in Nery Om

Ana Paula Valle

Kundalini Yoga and Yin Yoga Instructor

Discover Nery Om Wellness Clinic

Natacha Pa

While I was on vacation in Mexico, I met one lady that recommended me this clinic because she got help for them so I decided to go and try. I have done 5 sessions of ozone therapy; 3 colon hydrotherapies; I’ve change my diet; and 3 months later, we did the blood tests again, and my blood has changed so much !!! I’ll be forever grateful to have met you these people during my vacation because they truly made a difference in my health. They have been very patient with me and always present to answer my questions ! I was suffering from digestive issues so I highly recommend them if you suffer from digestive issues too ! Thank you Ner and Victor !

Enjoy the paradise of the mexican caribbean

Dorim Lee

I was suffering from severe constipation and needed help very badly. When I first visited, Victor (Nery’s husband) was extremely helpful in translating my ailments to his wife. They literally took an hour just to go over my history before performing the colonic. Nery tested my blood and told me I had a bad case of inflammation and that I wasn’t sleeping enough; it was eerily accurate how they could have gotten that info from a drop of my blood.

They had me go on a 3-day juice fast with colonics every other day. Each day the pressure to go to the bathroom lessened. And finally, the constipation was relieved last night. Don’t know what I would have done without them. They’re extremely attentive and all their staff are friendly as well. I definitely recommend you check them out.

Beauty Tratment

Mila Myles

I can honestly say, I believe Nery saves lives. Her as well as the rest of the staff are compassionate and specialized in matters of the colon and health all around. My body, skin, and overall well being did a 180 in a matter of a few days. I had a hydrocolonic in NY years ago and never considered it again because of how aggressive and uninformative it was. At Nery Om, Nery does an analysis of where you are and goes straight to work at cleansing your colon and your blood and giving you amazing information on how to acquire the tools to do so. I HAVE NEVER felt so involved and in control of my own health. Victor is an amazing administrator as well. As the Marketing Director and english translator he also does an amazing job at explaining things and keeping you informed and comfortable. Cary is a wonderfully joyful specialist who makes you feel welcomed and cared for during your sessions. I truly look forward to my appointments and visiting their offices. *If you like cats, they have two cuties to keep you company or not (they have an outdoor space for them) as well as flatscreen in the Ozone therapy room. Even when I go back to the states, I plan to make regular three to six month trips here in PDC for their services. Highly recommended


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