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The Real Pandemic

(Don't let the ant happen to you that lives doing what the parasite orders and also spreading spores throughout its environment)

Did you know that depending on your degree of toxicity and parasitization is the frequency in which you are going to move and tune in your system?

Toxicity and parasites are vampiric beings that hack and hijack our system. To recover our primordial energy that is the soul (almic body) it is necessary to keep the larval body at bay and this helps us to lower the mind and emotions a little, since emotions are electrical energy derived from the mental body in different voltages causing a series of problems, diseases and ailments.

The intestine has many nerve endings such as neurons and this controls the brain, that is why it is very important to lower the population of parasites, fungi and bacteria since they are the effect of toxicity and an intestine and digestive system hijacked from all our clogged body tubes making a great acidification and opening the doors to overpopulate our entire system with these vampiric beings.

How are we going to change our frequency?

Let's return to our center to a balanced PH, a good magnetism, a good resonance, a balanced voltage of electricity, and when this happens we do not allow these pathogens to continue reproducing because they do not feel welcome and flee because they know that they will not be able to live in these frequencies. elevated.

Remember that all kinds of distortion in the body called disease is not caused by these beings, it is only the consequence of our toxicity and obstruction causing them to reproduce and cause more damage.

DETOXIFICATION + DEWORMING = Return to the energy of the Soul.

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